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Aaron Horton is a producer and production manager out of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  After a 12 year career in film & tv production in Toronto he returned home to Nova Scotia.  Continuing to work in the industry, he has spent most of his time on the Netflix series "Trailer Park Boys" as well as the spin-offs and specials.  Black Cop is his first feature film as a producer.



Cory Bowles is a multidisciplinary artist, living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He has appeared as an actor in a number of films, radio, and television shows.  As well as working as a choreographer and composer, hewrote and directed the award winning short films THE SCAVENGERS (Fantasia ’08) and HEART OF RHYME (TIFF 2011), ANATOMY OF ASSISTANCE (TIFF 2013), RIGHTEOUS (VIFF 2014) and BLACK COP (short 2016). All of which reflect his fascination to racial identity, social and cultural structures.  TV directing credits include TRAILER PARK BOYS (Netflix) and STUDIO BLACK! (CBC) Black Cop is his feature film debut.



Jeremy Harty is an editor, colorist, tech nerd, and the owner/operator of the Digiboyz post production facility in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  Most notably, he has been the editor on the hit Canadian series “Trailer Park Boys” for it’s entire run, where he met Cory and Aaron, and an editorial love affair blossomed.  He survives on a diet of wine gums, cola and pepperoni sticks, while staring at his four computer screens.  He enjoys fine scotch, family and working too much.  This is his fifth editing project with Cory.



Jeff Wheaton is a Halifax based cinematographer and filmmaker. He has worked with many of the East Coast's directors; Jason Eisner (Treevenge), Seth Smith (I Am Coming to Paris to Kill You), Sol Nagler (Gravity and Grace) Thom Fitzgerald (Sex and Violence) and Harmony Wagner (Kooperman). His many collaborations with Cory Bowles have created the short films Righteous, Anatomy of Assistance and The Scavengers. Black Cop is his 3rd feature.

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